Kent County Drug & Alcohol Survey

The goal of this project is to assess alcohol and drug behaviors on the lives of 12-18 years old in Kent County, MI. The Kent County Prevention Coalition (KCPC) is invested in protecting the health and well being of Kent County residents through the prevention of substance misuse. The project is externally funded by a non-GRAAHI partner. The Kent County Prevention, a affiliate of Network 180, Coalition has received a grant through the Drug Free Community Program (DFC). GRAAHI was selected as the  Survey Project Manager for development, implementation, and administration of the community- based survey. The KCDAS will be conducted in the Kent County area to assess the prevalence of substance use among teens ages 12-18 years old.  Over 1,200 surveys will be administered. The results will be used to drive community awareness, assist in targeted prevention, and serve as a benchmark for the evaluation of programming. The survey will be conducted annually for 4 years.

Parents: Do you have any children 12-18 years old? If so, click here to participate in the survey!

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