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What is Strong Beginnings?

Strong Beginnings is a community program created to improve health care and health
education for African American mothers, fathers, and their babies – from pregnancy
through early childhood.

Strong Beginnings was designed to eliminate the huge difference in infant death and low
birth weight between African Americans and Whites.

Who is Strong Beginnings for?

Strong Beginnings reaches out to pregnant women, and their partners through home
visits and other forms of outreach to ensure that women begin prenatal care during the
first three months of pregnancy and have regular care throughout pregnancy and after

Strong Beginnings services are offered to families living in Kent County that are either
pregnant or the mother or father of a child 0-24 months old.

Community Health Workers provide social support, referrals, and education. They
work together with the Kent County Health Department, Cherry Street Health Services,
The Salvation Army Booth Clinic, Breton Health Center, Spectrum Health’s MOM’s
program, the Strong Beginnings Fatherhood initiative, and Arbor Circle.

If I enroll, what kinds of services are available through Strong Beginnings?

The following services are available to participants:
· Support Services for you and your baby during the pregnancy and for twenty-four
  months after delivery.
· Help with getting resources such as transportation, food, baby supplies, and
  medical care.
· Education for families, health care providers, and the community on ways to
  improve the health of infants.
· Treatment for women with symptoms of depression.

For more information or enroll, call (616) 331-5954

Strong Beginnings partners include:
Arbor Circle ~ Cherry Street Health Services ~
Grand Rapids African American Health Institute (GRAAHI) ~
Kent County Health Department ~ Spectrum Health MOM’s program ~
The Salvation Army Booth Clinic

Other Partners Include:
Healthy Kent 2020 Infant Health Implementation Team~Michigan State University College of
Human Medicine, Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Biology