Children's Health Initiative

Moving forward, we will have a persistent focus on improving the health and well being of our community’s children. Children of color continue to have poor health outcomes. Even when income and insurance coverage are taken into account, minority children are less likely to have a usual source of care and frequently have unmet health needs. With the increasing number of children that are obese, hypertensive, or diabetic, it is important to channel significant effort towards prevention and treatment of juvenile disease.

To aid the community in serving the needs of children, GRAAHI will:

Work to improve each child’s access to health coverage and a medical home.

Educate families on risk and protective factors associated with childhood obesity, hypertension, and diabetes.

Collaborate with researchers and the community to ensure that the needs of children are considered when designing interventions.


We will further the national, state, and regional research agenda to reflect the current and emerging health needs of African Americans.We will do this by: Finding prevention and management techniques to improve health outcomes. Building the capacity of researchers through infrastructure development and increasing the pipeline of students interested in pursuing careers in biomedical or behavioral research. Improving the inclusion of African Americans as participants in ongoing clinical research studies.


We will help educate consumers to positively interact with the health care system. We will help the healthcare system meet the ever-changing needs of its community. We will do this by: Increasing awareness of health disparities, the impact on our community, and the actions necessary to improve health outcomes. Educating current and future health professionals on emerging trends, new clinical information, and research outcomes.


We will help the African American community take control of its health and health care. We will do this by: Analyzing and publicizing health information. Supporting community advocates in their pursuit of health justice. Informing legislators at the
local, state and federal level of the needs and desires of their constituency.