Community Transformation Grant (CTG)

The Community Transformation Grants (CTG) program is funded federally by the Affordable Care Act’s Prevention and Public Health Fund. This is a five year grant that will support community-level efforts to reduce serious health concerns such as cardiovascular disease (#1 killer of African Americans), diabetes, stroke and cancer. These grants will promote healthy lifestyles and provide relief to population groups that are the highest concern for chronic disease. The desirable outcome will be to improve the quality of health, eliminate health disparities and control the cost of health care within these populations.

In 2011 the CTG program awarded over $103 million dollars to state and local government agencies and non-profit organizations that affected approximately 120 million Americans. There are two types of awards that the CTG program offers. A capacity-building award designed to lay the foundation for community prevention efforts to ensure long-term success and an implementation award that will be used to create evidence-based programs designed to improve health and wellness. The grantees of the CTG program have the following priority focus areas.

  1. Tobacco-free living
  2. Active living and healthy eating
  3. Quality clinical and other preventable services
  4. Healthy and safe physical environments

Effective, evidence-based community, environmental and infrastructure interventions can help individuals, families and communities make the healthy choice, the default choice. These grants have the ability to improve health by giving Americans more choices and make our communities healthier so that we can reduce health disparities.

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